Bobbi Fox


Accomplished applications software developer with extensive experience in creating effective database-driven, web-enabled applications that help users efficiently meet their needs. Outstanding writing skills include technical and user documentation, manuals, marketing materials, and articles. Excellent project task estimation and team leadership skills. Active mentoring of more junior colleagues. Proven track record of delivering quality code on time and within budget.



Applications Development: Design, implementation, and support of database-driven web sites, medical/healthcare, and other DBMS-oriented applications

Project development and management:

An annotated list of some websites I've worked on

Education and Professional Training

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Java Certificate Program
M.S., Technology and Human Affairs, Washington University in St. Louis
B.S., Computer Science, Washington University in St. Louis

Publications and Presentations

"Adventures in Mobile Development". Bobbi Fox, Corinna Baksik, Library Technology Services, Harvard University IT. A presentation to the New England Chapter of the American Society for Information Science & Technology. 23 April 2012

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"Protocols, Pathways, and Practice Guidelines: Defining Multiple Step Clinical Algorithms for Automated Navigation." (Abstract), by Marilyn D. Paterno, Rita D. Zielstorff, Jonathan M. Teich, Mark Segal, and Roberta L. Fox, Proceedings AMIA Fall Symposium (1998)

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Report Number THA/CDT 80/3: "Development of Design Criteria for a Computerized Patient Interviewing / Education System for Diabetic Diet Adherence", by Roberta L. Fox, M.S., published by the Department of Technology and Human Affairs and Center for Development Technology, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, May 1980.

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